UX & Design Lead


San Francisco

Spire builds wearables for mental and physical wellbeing: www.spire.io  

We have a product that: people love (http://amzn.to/1meE0AH), changes lives (http://bit.ly/1RzqvIQ ), plays in emerging trends (mindfulness/mental health, productivity), generates top-tier media coverage (Vogue Gift Guide, Time, Outside mag and many more), collects an extraordinary dataset, and was a top-selling wearable last x-mas.

You will be a key early member of this team — leading our user-experience and visual identity.  

What You'dd Do:

  • Lead user research initiatives that define the next generation of Spire’s digital offerings Lead internal and external design exercises.
  • Lead Spire’s visual identity; both doing creative design for materials, digital assets, etc. as well as leading other designers in this effort.
  • Engage with Spire’s product owner in customer interviews, usability testing, and surveys to refine current and future product designs.
  • Design a product that people love, stay engaged with, and ultimately makes them healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.
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