ViBand Wins Best Paper at UIST 2016

October 18, 2016
Laput, Xiao, Harrison UIST 2016 Best Paper

Human-Computer Interaction Institute Ph.D. students Robert Xiao and Gierad Laput along with Assistant Professor Chris Harrison won a Best Paper for their smartwatch sensing project ViBand at the Association for Computing Machinery's User Interface Software and Technology (ACM UIST) Symposium this week in Tokyo.

Their research expands the normal sample frequency on a smartwatch from about 100 times a second to 4,000 a second. Increasing to 4kHz allows the HCII researchers in the FIG Lab to turn hands and arms into input devices.

"ViBand isn't just a way to control your smartwatch," Harrison said. "It enables you to augment your arm. It's a powerful interface that's always available to you."

Read the complete story of ViBand on the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science website.

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