Guidelines for Transfer

Transfer Requirements for the B.S. in HCI major

To transfer into the HCI Major from outside of the School of Computer Science, students are expected to have an overall 3.00 QPA and are expected to have completed the following courses with at least a 3.6 QPA.

From the CS Core

All of the following courses:

  • 15-122
  • 15-150
  • 15-210  or  15-213
  • 21-127  or  21-128


From the HCI Core

  • 05-410: User-Centered Research and Evaluation
  • And one of these:  05-651: Interaction Design Studio 1  or  05-470: Digital Service Innovation


For courses taken during the semester that the application is submitted, the mid-semester grade can be used.

If interested in transferring into the HCI major from outside of SCS, please contact the HCI major program director well in advance.