Special Topics: Environmental Hackfest

Course Number: 
05-499 / 05-899
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Semester and Units: 
Spring: 9–12 units
Course Description: 

We’re looking for people from across campus to examine/question/deconstruct everyday practices and propose ideas for new environmentalist strategies.

What will you do in this course? Explore the intersection between art, computer science, engineering, and the environment. Imagine a greener future. Plan interventions; ask questions, big and small. Hack ideas, people, code, hardware, and everything you bring to the classroom. Students of all levels from disciplines ranging from Art to Computer Science to Environmental Engineering will work together to foster sustainable behavior using creative insight. You will bring to our discussion your unique interest in sustainability and the environment. You may be a builder, a philosopher, a painter, an engineer, or something totally different. No technical prowess necessary—this course is open to all majors from all levels.

Brainstorm. Critique. Build. Break. Intervene. Interpret. Provoke.

What are you waiting for?

This 9 credit course will is a 3-hour lab course taught Fridays from 10am–1pm in GHC 4301 and ART 310. Contact Jennifer Mankoff (jmankoff [at] Cs.cmu.edu) or Jill Miller (jill [at] jillmiller.net) with questions.