Special Topics: Twitch Plays Game Design

Course Number: 
05-499 / 05-899
Cross listed as: 
05899 , 53740
Semester and Units: 
Fall: 12 units
Course Description: 

The cloud and the crowd are driving new ways for players to engage with games, from live streams of gameplay to massively multiplayer control of a single game. In this course, students will explore the design space of crowd- and cloud-enabled games. They will identify existing game design techniques for playing at scale, study games currently designed for spectatorship, and discover problems faced by different stakeholders (spectators, players, streamers, curators, designers). In a team-based final project, students will either produce an intervention that addresses a problem identified by the class, or design an original game that takes advantage of the crowd and cloud in play.

Jessica Hammer
Jeffrey Bigham