MHCI + The Pittsburgh Foundation

EnvisionING the Future of Responsible Philanthropy


Over the past 4 months, our team worked with The Pittsburgh Foundation to design the future of responsible philanthropy and how we can leverage the emotions with which donors donate and make them donate more rationally. We started out with a broad problem statement and have successfully been able to narrow our focus.


Research allowed us to get where we are today and through a variety of user research methods, we explored the problem space, identified and investigated our key stakeholders, and uncovered many valuable insights. The most important of those insights include: collaboration leads to responsible giving, personal connection drives meaningful donations, desire for immediate and tangible impact leads to impulse donations, and donors cherish their personal contact with TPF.



Moving forward into our Summer semester, we will be conceptualising, prototyping, and designing a new internal tool to support the behind-the-scenes processes of capturing and retrieving donor information data.

Our design will aim to augment TPF’s already strong personal services, by helping TPF capture more nuanced data, seamlessly pull that data, and strategically use that data. Thus our design will ultimately be helping TPF help the community, by engaging in responsible philanthropy behind the scenes.

By focusing on driving efficiency with an internal tool, our goal is to bolster the compassionate work that TPF does by enabling them to continue serving this diverse set of donors while being as specific as possible for each individual donor.



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