EM-Sense Mentioned in More Than 80 Media Outlets

November 11, 2015
EM-Sense Technology identifies a refidgerator.

A team from the HCII and Disney Research has developed a technology that could enable smartwatches to automatically recognize the objects users are touching, and more than 80 news outlets have picked up or mentioned the story.

The technique, called EM-Sense, takes advantage of the body's natural electrical conductivity to detect whether a person is touching an electrical or electromechanical device and, based on the distinctive electromagnetic noise emitted by such devices, automatically identify the object.

Since the story went live on Monday, Nov. 9, publications across the globe have picked it up and run with it. A few examples include the Times of India, Yahoo News UK, Gizmodo, Ars Technica, TechTimes, Popular Mechanics and Phys.org.

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