Faculty Featured on "Encounters With HCI Pioneers"

September 2, 2015
HCI pioneers Guy Salama, Bob Kraut, Brad Myers and Jonathan Lazar

Three HCII faculty members are included in "Encounters With HCI Pioneers," a new website that aims to draw attention to human-computer interaction trailblazers by describing their backgrounds and contributions to the field.

Created by Ben Shneiderman, computer science professor at the University of Maryland and founding director of its Human-Computer Interaction Lab, "Encounters With HCI Pioneers" features 45 profiles, complete with historical photos and descriptions of each person's work. HCII faculty members featured on the site include Hillman Professor of Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction Sara Kiesler, Herbert A. Simon Professor of Human-Computer Interaction Robert Kraut and Professor Brad Myers. Allen Newell, the former U.A. and Helen Whitaker professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon and a pioneer in artificial intelligence, is also included, as is alumnus Stuart Card (TPR'70, DC'78).

"I think HCI designs have had as much impact as Moore’s Law in bringing the Web and mobile devices to the world," Shneiderman said. "My goal in creating this journal is to celebrate researchers who have contributed to the emergence of HCI as a field and to make them and their work visible to a wider audience."

View all the entries on the website.

(Photo courtesy of Ben Shneiderman.)