Hong Takes on Cybersecurity in Slate

August 12, 2015
Jason Hong

While you might breathe a sigh of relief when you hear that classified data wasn't stolen in a data breach or cyberattack, that news isn't always as reassuring as you think. HCII Associate Professor Jason Hong recently outlined the ways attackers can use other information for nefarious purposes in the Slate article, "Human Weakness in Cybersecurity."

"A great deal of metadata and surrounding context can still be inferred from unclassified emails. These inferences might include the social connections between people, the names of projects a person is working on, how emails are formatted, and what jargon a person uses," Hong writes. "On the surface, this kind of information might seem innocuous. However, in the hands of a skilled and patient adversary, this information can be used to exploit human weaknesses in cybersecurity."

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