Dey Talks IoT to AV Network

February 19, 2016

Since last July, Carnegie Mellon researchers have been working with Google to develop a platform to support Internet of Things (IoT) technologies — Internet-connected sensors, gadgets and buildings that communicate with each other. A recent article in AV Network describes CMU's progress on the GIoTTO platform, which the university hopes to launch this spring.

HCII Director Anind Dey, who leads the project, explained that GIoTTO could improve audiovisual experiences by easing a number of burdens that tech managers deal with daily. In the process of incorporating this technology into campus life, though, Dey acknowledged that not all of the available information could readily be transferred onto the secure wireless network. Trying to make the software as reactive as possible to maximize its efficiency is also a concern.

"People are calling it the next trillion-dollar industry," Dey said, "but I also think that there's got to be a delivery on something that's more than just an app and a device soon."

Read more about the development of AV/IoT technology on AV Network.

Story by Aisha Rashid (DC'2019)