Harrison Comments on Future for Wearables

June 27, 2016

Product Design & Development recently turned to Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) Assistant Professor Chris Harrison to answer the question: What are some of the key technology trends that will shape the evolution of the wearables market? Harrison weighed in with his thoughts on the future of wearables and its unique potential to integrate with the human body.

"Wearables and smartwatches are becoming increasingly powerful and have started to gain commercial traction. They are unique among consumer computing devices in that they are worn on the body," said Harrison.

Leveraging the body as an extension of a product's interface has launched multiple projects for Harrison and his lab, the Future Interfaces Group (FIG) at Carnegie Mellon University, including SkinTrack and EM-Sense.

The real promise of wearable computer, according to Harrison, is the opportunity to leverage devices like smartwatches to computationally enhance people's lives. "This is the real promise of wearable computing."

To read Harrison's full reply, visit the article on Product Design & Development's website.