Harrison Explains Info Bulb to TechRepublic

June 24, 2016
Harrison Info Bulb

After 130 years of diligently lighting up our homes, light bulbs may be ready for a serious upgrade. Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) Assistant Professor Chris Harrison is ready to ask a little more of his light bulbs. Harrison, who heads up the Future Interfaces Group (FIG) at Carnegie Mellon University, is working on the first info bulb; a device that can screw into a light socket, but is both a projector and a computer.

"We're building light bulb 2.0, but instead of emitting light, which has been good for 130 years, it's going to emit information," Harrison said in a recent interview with TechRepublic. "The idea is you can take your office desk lamp and screw in an info bulb. It can do a Google search; it can tag it," he said.

The future is shining brightly for interactive devices like Harrison's info bulb. Harrison and his team of researchers, who have spent the last two years creating interface technologies that powerfully enhance human and computer interactions, are also behind devices like SkinTrack, technology that can turn your arm into a touchpad.

To read the full article, "Next Gen Light Bulb Could Turn Any Surface into a Computer Screen," visit TechRepublic.