HCII Team Takes First Place in SCS Puzzlehunt

March 1, 2016
The HCII Puzzlehunt Team

The HCII's "Human-Puzzle Interaction" team took top honors in the School of Computer Science's recent Puzzlehunt. Held as part of SCS Day — a celebration of diversity across the entire school — the Puzzlehunt challenged teams of four students each to save the school's missing mascot, Derby the Dragon. Throughout the week leading up to SCS Day, teams had to solve eight puzzles and one metapuzzle to find the dragon. Teams were then ranked based on the time it took them to solve the metapuzzle, the total number of puzzles solved and the time at which they submitted their last solution.

When all was said and done, Human-Puzzle Interaction beat out their CMU competitors and saved the day — and the dragon. The team, comprising Ph.D. students Dan Tasse (not pictured), Kelly Rivers, Erik Harpstead and Robert Xiao, earned SCS dragon-themed pillows for their victory.