Snap-To-It Featured in MIT Technology Review

January 15, 2016

Imagine that you could connect your smartphone to a nearby "smart" appliance just by taking its photo. Such a luxury could be a possibility soon, thanks to the HCII's Snap-To-It research project, which was recently featured in MIT's Technology Review.

Developed by by Ph.D. student Adrian de Freitas and HCII Director Anind Dey, Snap-To-It is a smartphone app you use to take a picture of a device like a printer, and the system determines which appliance you’re trying to connect to and sends your phone the right interface to use it, according to the article.

"The ability to walk into a space that I haven’t been into before and just start using equipment that I’m authorized to is really nice," said Dey.

Read the whole story on the MIT Technology Review website.