WSJ Thinks HCII Startup Could Help Facebook CEO Meet 2016 Goals

January 8, 2016

In 2016, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg aims to build an AI software assistant for his home that can recognize his voice, the cries of his child and the faces of any friends who stop by. But he also wants to include a virtual reality headset that would connect to the AI system and help him visualize Facebook’s business problems.

The Wall Street Journal recently surveyed AI experts for their take on how Zuckerberg could achieve his goals, and they included HCII Assistant Professor Niki Kittur's DataSquid startup in the roundup, specifically for the visualization component.

"For that purpose, he might use DataSquid, a data visualization app spun out of Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. Designed to help people interact with information in novel ways, the app lets users play with charts, spreadsheets, and presentations by sliding objects around a touchscreen," the author wrote.

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