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HCII Seminar: Baking Data Into Design: User Experience at Google

Laura Granka
Head of UX Research, Google+


NSH 1305


The User Experience discipline has made great strides in recent years, especially towards tablet and mobile experiences. Understanding mobile device use is ever more important when evaluating global behaviors and trends, yet researchers have generally been slower to adopt and prioritize device changes in research applications and experiments. This talk will evaluate the merit of a 'mobile-first' research approach, and if so, what mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods can best deliver. During the course of the talk, I will also provide an overview of UX at Google, in particular UX Research, focusing on research efforts that effectively bake quant and qual data into insights for product and design.

Speaker's Bio

Laura first joined Google in 2004, and now heads the User Experience Research team for Google Social. She spent her first six years at Google with Search, leading research on products like social search and Google Instant, and moved to Google+ in 2011. Laura completed her PhD at Stanford University, with her MS and BS from Cornell University. While at Cornell, Laura used eyetracking to assess how individuals view and select search results, with implications for ranking evaluation.

Laura Dabbish