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Leading the Startup UX

Uday Gajendar
Principal UX Designer (independent)


Newell-Simon Hall 1305 (Michael Mauldin Auditorium)

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Let's imagine: You've happily graduated from CMU and just joined a startup as the lead (or maybe only!) designer. Nice! But you know you need to make quick impact for credibility and value to the product --and the company! But you’ve inherited a product lacking visual consistency or user-centered workflows... with new features thrown in hastily, almost hourly. Whew! What can be done in 100 days...and beyond...for a long-term company UX strategy? I’ll share insights and lessons around the following points:

1) How do we exert design-driven influence? 
2) How do we cultivate good habits around design process? 
3) How do we deliver a product users will LOVE?

We'll look at a variety of useful steps taken from Day One, such as conducting a UX Audit, tracking UX Debt, building rapport with Sales and Marketing VPs, and advocating user research with design principles. We'll also talk about the among from corporate vs startup UX situations.

Speaker's Bio

Uday Gajendar is a proven design leader focused on new product innovation & guiding start-ups on UX fundamentals. Uday has 15 years of versatile expertise at Frogdesign, Citrix, Peel, Netflix, Adobe, CloudPhysics and others, spanning enterprise to consumer, web to mobile domains. He also regularly writes for ACM Interactions and routinely speaks worldwide on design topics at SXSW, UX Australia, IxDA, and other venues. You can read Uday’s thoughts on design at his blog,

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