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Design at Large: Real-World, Large Scale, and Sometimes Disruptive

Scott Klemmer
Associate Professor, Cognitive Science and Computer Science & Engineering, UC San Diego


Newell-Simon Hall 3305

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Over the past five years, my group—and probably many of you—have experienced a dramatically-increased ability to do Design at Large: creating research that is widely used by real people and learning a ton from the experience. One shift that happens when we move from designing artifacts in the lab to designing experiences at large is that inevitably, what we end up studying are complex sociotechnical systems. A lot of the behavior is emergent, and sometimes completely unexpected. The successes in this new world are tremendously exciting, but like all creative endeavors, there are lots of failures. One contributing factor is that designers often receive guidance that’s based on faith rather than insight. We may be able to do better by building up a body of knowledge through design at large. In this talk, I’ll try and distill some insights into this shift. I’ll draw on examples from research from my group and others, as well as my students and colleagues experiences with startups.

Speaker's Bio

Scott is an Associate Professor of Cognitive Science and Computer Science & Engineering at UC San Diego, where he is a co-founder and co-director of the Design Lab. He previously served as Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford, where he co-directed the HCI Group, held the Bredt Faculty Scholar chair, and was a founding participant in the He has a dual BA in Art-Semiotics and Computer Science from Brown (with Graphic Design work at RISD), and a PhD in CS from Berkeley. His former graduate students are leading professors (at BerkeleyCMUUCSD, & UIUC), researchers (Google & Adobe), founders (including Instagram & Pulse), social entrepreneurs, and engineers. He helped introduce peer assessment to online education, and created the first such online course. More than 200,000 have signed up for his interaction design class & specialization. He has been awarded the Katayanagi Emerging Leadership PrizeSloan FellowshipNSF CAREER award, and Microsoft Research New Faculty FellowshipNine of his papers were awarded best paper or honorable mention at top HCI venues. He is on the editorial board of HCI and TOCHI; was program co-chair for UIST, the CHI systems area, and HCIC; and serves on the Learning at Scale steering committee. He advises university design programs globally. Organizations worldwide use his group’s open-source design tools and curricula


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