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User Research: The Designer’s Ticket to Informing Strategy

Jeremy Koempel
Co-Founder and Design Lead, Bessemer Alliance


Newell-Simon Hall 1305 (Michael Mauldin Auditorium)

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The rate of change in our world is breathtaking. Many organizations simply cannot evolve quick enough to capitalize on this change and prepare for the future. Left to their own devices, they will continue to address their markets and customers with the traditional processes and tactics with which they are familiar (surprise! It is not likely to work well). Designers have great potential to inspire transformative change. The human-centered processes that we employ are impervious to the technical and organizational factors that hinder an organization’s ability to shape and participate in a bright future. User research is a powerful tool to identify real value and should inform every strategy for a better tomorrow.

Speaker's Bio

Jeremy is Co-Founder and Design Lead for Bessemer Alliance. His career has enabled him to explore challenging issues around the world, work in a wide range of markets with extraordinary people and gather praise, patents, awards and wonderful experiences along the way. His passions are human centered design, architectural thinking, making things beautiful, hacking bits and physical things, and helping organizations to realize transformative change.

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