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HCII Seminar Series - Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson
Partner researcher, Microsoft Research


Newell-Simon Hall 1305 and via livestream

Video link


"Blending Virtual and Physical Realities with RealityShader"

The metaverse is about more than VR headsets and always has been. At Microsoft Research we have been exploring the use of depth cameras and projectors to blend virtual and physical realities without headsets. Projects such as Illumiroom, RoomAlive and Room2Room video conferencing transform the physical environment using projection mapping. More recent work demonstrates fluid transition from traditional VR use, to a mode of VR where parts of the physical environment are rendered with the virtual scene, to using projection mapping in place of the headset. This body of work suggests future directions in software and interaction design, such as the need for AR/VR user experiences that transcend form factor, combining the best of virtual and real reality.


Speaker's Bio

Andy Wilson is a partner researcher at Microsoft Research. There he has been applying sensing technologies to enable new modes of human-computer interaction. These days he is focused on augmented and virtual reality, ubiquitous computing and interactive computer vision. He contributed to Microsoft’s earliest efforts to commercialize depth cameras, leading to Kinect, and worked extensively on the original Surface interactive table. Before joining Microsoft, Andy obtained his BA at Cornell University, and MS and PhD at the MIT Media Laboratory.

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