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SCS DEI Seminar: Data-Driven Diversity with Kody Manke and Kevin Jarbo

Kody Manke, Psychology Department and Kevin Jarbo, Social and Decision Sciences
Both are CMU Faculty




(Virtual presentation)



The Data-Driven Diversity Lab ( uses data and insights from psychology and behavioral economics to understand how different groups experience student success, thriving, and a sense of belonging at Carnegie Mellon University.  Kody Manke, Ph.D. and Kevin Jarbo, Ph.D., co-directors of the D3 lab will share their approaches and experiences around diversity and inclusion at CMU.  

Host: Kenneth Holstein 

This seminar is a part of the SCS DEI Seminar Series. In 2021, the School of Computer Science established a diversity, equity, and inclusion seminar series.  The seminar series contributes to the depth of ongoing, university-wide discussions on dimensions of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging by highlighting the work of researchers, educators, advocates, and industry in CS & STEM-related organizations.  

The SCS DEI Seminar Series aims to educate, inspire, and encourage discussion among SCS members about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in general and about DEI(B). The seminar series is open to all members of the SCS, CMU, and the wider community.  Seminar speakers are intentionally chosen as a mix of local and nationally recognized experts to inspire reflection, promote conversation, expose new approaches, and create opportunities for collaboration.  The Spring speakers are drawn from across CMU and industry.  

SCS DEI Committee Members: Gael Hyppolite, Ken Holstein, Queenie Kravitz, Tabitha Edith Lee, and Rachel Burcin


Kenneth Holstein, HCII Faculty