Frequently Asked Questions about the HCII Summer Research Program

Applying to the program and notifications:

When can I apply to the Summer 2022 program?

The application will be available in mid-November 2021. An exact date will be announced once it is determined. 

I applied to the program back in November and I have not heard back. How and when will I be notified?

All applicants, regardless of whether or not they are receiving an offer, will be notified via email. Most will know by mid-March but due to the high volume of applicants it may take a little longer. Please be patient with us as we take the time to thoroughly review each application.

When is the application deadline for the Summer 2022 program?

January 16, 2022 at 11:59pm EST.

I see there is an option to upload a copy of my resume, transcripts and letters of recommendation. Do I have to include these?

While the supplementary materials are not required, they are strongly encouraged.

I submitted my application, but need to update it. How do I go about updating my application?

Once you submit your application, you receive a copy of your responses via email. In this email is a link to update your responses, which is available until the application deadline.

I applied last year and was accepted into the program, but had to decline. Do I need to reapply?

Yes, you must reapply to be considered.

Can I submit additional materials, such as letters of recommendation, to strengthen my application?

Yes. If you would like to submit additional materials, please email them to hcii-reu [at] and provide the name on your application.

Can I still apply if I am graduating or am an international student?

Yes. The majority of our funding does come from the National Science Foundation which requires recipients to be undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, but we do have other funding available for those who do not meet NSF’s criteria. It is also important to note that this program is geared towards undergraduate juniors.


General information about the program: 

How are students paid?

Student will receive a stipend meant to cover the cost of lodging, meals, travel and other related expenses. An exact amount is still being determined, we will update it here as soon as we know.

May I register for classes or work part time during the program?

Because this is a full-time program, students are discouraged from working an additional part-time position, or taking classes. If you feel you need to get a second job or take a class, talk to your faculty advisor.

What housing options are available?

Accepted students receive additional documentation regarding housing with their offer letter. There are sometimes a few apartments available on campus, but they require full payment at the time of registration. On campus housing typically runs between $4,400-6,100, depending on single or double occupancy, and this payment is due when you register for housing around mid-March through mid-April.

We advise checking some of the options below, which are typically much more affordable. (We recommend looking in Shadyside, Squirrel Hill and Oakland as these are the closest to campus. We also advertise sublets from some of our current students, this information is usually available in March/April.)

Is there a dress code I need to follow?

We are pretty casual here at HCII. It’s not unusual to see people in jeans/shorts and t-shirts. We do recommend bringing at least one business casual outfit to wear at the end of summer poster session.

What should I bring on my first day?

Your first day will primarily consist of orientation, which includes a trip to our university’s work service center to complete your onboarding, and picking up your new staff ID’s (be prepared to get your photo taken). It is very important you bring appropriate identification documentation. More information, along with the list of acceptable documents, can be found on this CMU HR Service Center web page. Please note these must be the originals, copies are not accepted.


Have another question we haven’t addressed? Email us at  hcii-reu [at]