Administrative Staff

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First & Middle Name Last Name Title / Role
Jo Bodnar Administrative Associate Class of 412-268-6162
Patrick Brinkman Research Administrator Class of 412-268-4184
Carolyn Buzzelli-Stumpf Assistant to HCII Department Head Class of 412-268-1001
Indra Danti Undergraduate Program Manager Class of 412-268-4431
Marian D‘Amico Administrative Associate Class of 412-268-1215
Lauren Hardwig Administrative Coordinator Class of 412-268-1638
Karen Harlan Communications Specialist Class of 412-268-3720
Queenie Kravitz (HNZ'13) Associate Director, HCII PhD Program Class of 412-268-2564
Jennifer McPherson MHCI Program Coordinator Class of 412-268-5903
Lindsay Olshenske Employment Processes Manager Class of 412-268-1082
Ryan Ries Business Manager Class of 412-268-5037
Diana Rotondo Class of
Jessica Stanley Alumni/Corporate Relations Coordinator Class of 412-268-4691
Nicole Willis MHCI Director of Student Affairs Class of 412-268-7971