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Jessica Roberts

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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Newell-Simon Hall 3602B

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Jess Roberts

Research Interests

Human-Data Interaction, Learning Sciences, Data Visualization, Graphic Information Systems


My research examines human-data interactions. I study how people learn through, with, and about data in informal, out-of-school settings like museums, and how we can design data displays to support open-ended data inquiry and explorations. I completed my PhD in Learning Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago with Leilah Lyons with a specialization in data visualization and geographic information systems, and I come to CMU after a postdoctoral position at Northwestern University with Michael Horn designing touchscreen displays at the Field Museum of Natural History. I am currently working with Marti Louw developing a training tool to help citizen scientists become more confident, accurate, and engaged in water quality biomonitoring activities.