Technical Staff

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First & Middle Name Last Name Title / Role
Mohammed Alburaiki Learning Engineer Class of
Rofin Andonissamy Project Manager Class of
John Antanitis Research Assistant Class of
Michael Bett Managing Director, PSLC Class of
Paulo Carvalho Project Scientist Class of
Hui Cheng Research Programmer Class of 412-268-3404
Julina Coupland Senior Product Manager Class of
Michael Czapik Android Software Engineer Class of 724-594-8450
Jill Fain Lehman Senior Project Scientist Class of
Adela Kapuścińska Game Design Lead / Associate Producer Class of
Jonaya Kemper Game Design Lead Class of
Michael Komisin Senior Research Programmer Class of
Isadora Krsek Research Assistant Class of
Bryan Learn Research Programmer Class of
Nick Lewis Learning Engineer Class of
Elizabeth McLaughlin Scientific Technological Specialist Class of 412-268-3404
Raghu Mulukutla Research Associate III Class of
Ann Pierce Head of Growth in the Center for Knowledge Acceleration Class of
Octav Popescu Senior Research Programmer Class of 412-268 5476
Yiyi Ren Research Associate Class of 412-330-8417
J. Elizabeth Richey Project Scientist Class of
Peter Schaldenbrand Research Programmer Class of
Jonathan Sewall Project Director Class of 412-268-7185
Cindy Tipper Senior Research Programmer Class of
Ruotong Wang Research Associate Class of