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Title Year Research areas Project type
ACT-R Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
AdaptErrEx 2014 Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
Adapting to disaster Social Computing Faculty
ADEPT Social Computing Faculty
Alice Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
ALPS: Active Learning and Problem Solving tutor Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
Aura: Distraction-Free Ubiquitous Computing Social Computing Faculty
Automatic Sign Detection, Recognition, and Translation Human Assistance Faculty
Automatically Adapting Interfaces to User Needs Human Assistance Faculty
Automating the Workplace via Mixed-initiative Computing Human Assistance Faculty
Bridging the Bridge to Algebra: Measuring and Optimizing the Influence of Prerequisite Skills on a Pre-Algebra Curriculum Faculty
Building Virtual Worlds Enabling Technologies Faculty
CareMedia Human Assistance Faculty
Combining Small Groups and Large Scale Collaboration 2013 Crowdsourcing Social Computing Faculty
Communicator Affiliated Faculty
Conversation With the Immaterial Material of Software Design Research Faculty
Coordinating Attention and Communication Social Computing Faculty
Coordination in Open Source Software Development Social Computing Faculty
Creating Peripheral Displays Human Assistance Faculty
CSR: Online Courseware in Causal and Statistical Reasoning Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
CycleTalk: Dialogue Technology for Supporting Simulation Based Learning Faculty
Design Research in HCI Design Research Faculty
Digital Bridges: On-Line Education Fostering Partnerships for Research and Teaching Faculty
DigitalSelf Design Research Faculty
Dynamic Support for Computer-Mediated Intercultural Communication Faculty
End-User Programming of Context-Aware Systems Enabling Technologies Faculty
Expanding the 3D Interaction Lexicon Enabling Technologies Faculty
Five Features for Human-Robot Interaction Human Assistance Faculty
Gestures Project Human Assistance Social Computing Faculty
The Hug Design Research Faculty
IMPACT: Improving and Motivating Physical Activity Through ContexT Human Assistance Faculty
Improving Driving Routes Through Learning Driver Preferences Human Assistance Faculty
Infocockpits Social Computing Faculty
Informedia Digital Video Library Enabling Technologies Faculty
inTouch: Awareness and Messaging for Mobile Groups Social Computing Faculty
Jam-O-Drum Affiliated Faculty
Learning-Oriented Dialogue in Cognitive Tutors: Towards a Scalable Solution to Performance Orientation Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
Lente Design Workshop Human Assistance Faculty
Leveraging Human Knowledge to Improve Learning Enabling Technologies Faculty
Manipulation in a Virtual Haptic Environment Based on Magnetic Levitation Human Assistance Faculty
Marmite: End User Programming for the Web Enabling Technologies Social Computing Faculty
Matchmaker Affiliated Faculty
Memory Support for People With Episodic Memory Impairment Human Assistance Faculty
Mentored Maintenance: Use of Dialog and Advanced IETMs for Performance Enhancement Systems Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
MILLEE: Mobile and Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
MOVE: Maps Optimized for Vehicular Environments Human Assistance Faculty
Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) Affiliated Faculty
Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) Affiliated Faculty
PACT Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
Pathway Learning Sciences and Technologies Faculty
Pebbles Enabling Technologies Faculty
Pediluma 2011 Context-Aware Computing Design Research Healthcare Social Computing Faculty
Project on Family, Control, and the Smart Home Human Assistance Faculty
Quality of Life Technology (QoLT) Human Assistance Faculty
RETSINA Affiliated Faculty
Scalable Cognitive Modeling Through Compositional Reuse Enabling Technologies Faculty
The SenseChair Design Research Faculty
Shared Visual Spaces Faculty
SIDE: Summarization Integrated Development Environment Faculty
Social Ties in the Internet Age Social Computing Faculty
StepGreen Human Assistance Social Computing Faculty
Supporting Trust Decisions Faculty
Supporting Virtual Math Teams with Language Technologies Faculty
Techniques for Interactive Audience Participation Social Computing Faculty
Technologies About the Self Faculty
Text Miner Affiliated Faculty
Universal Speech Interface Affiliated Faculty
Usability and Software Architecture Enabling Technologies Faculty
User-Constructed Workflows Design Research Faculty
User-Controllable Privacy and Security for Pervasive Computing Enabling Technologies Social Computing Faculty
VMT Faculty
WARREN Affiliated Faculty