Local is a service for travelers who want to feel like locals, and merchants who want to enable easy digital purchases of their goods.

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Explore your neighborhood!

Local users make and share recommendations of complementary things to do in a neighborhood or city. We call these small itineraries Paths. They’re guided adventures and day trips that show you around an area.


Local helps consumers discover authentic experiences in cities and neighborhoods.

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Merchants can improve sales and learn more about their customers.

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Benefits to Mastercard

Position for the future

Local will help reshape Mastercard's brand as not just a transaction processor but an experience creator, as well as help to promote their payment services such as Masterpass.

Collect new types of data

Local will be able to provide SKU-level data, card-agnostic data, and information about international customers. This will allow for a richer picture of consumers and connections between their transactions.

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Drive revenue

Mastercard is poised to make fees from purchases made through Local, as well as increase transaction volume overall and possibly even collect advertising revenue from merchants.

The Team

This project was completed in 2016 at Carnegie Mellon University as an MHCI capstone project, and was sponsored by Mastercard. Team avant-card is Sonya Badigian, Brent Cowley, Weikun Liang, and Brian Nelson.

Process Work