Introducing Element
A better way to organize information
and create content online.
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01 All-in-one Collection Space

We help you gather the information you need in any format and allow you to visualize it in a single space

02 Organize your Thoughts and Connect the Dots

Infinite canvas allows you to move information and ideas around freely and draw connections

03 Annotate with Ease Throughout

Take notes while browsing, on a clip, or on groups, to help you create an outline quickly

How Element Works in Action

What Our (Beta) Users Say

Being able to see every piece of content that's collected easily -- that's really cool!

I've never really thought about using a format like [the infinite canvas] before because I've never seen it done this easily. I want to use this right now!

I think this [tool] allows you to cut down on the amount of time you actually spend writing because you can go back and refer to your notes and be like "Oh what didI think about that part?"