Optum x Well21


Empowering your recovery, all in one place

An experience built to bring soft tissue recovery and healing home with you

Boulevard supports recovery through a blend of adaptive care & content, convenience, and behavioral health methods all applied to helping reframe your healing process.
Our solution helps you take control of your recovery by building an understanding of the process and compiling your therapy for easier at-home healing.

A tool designed to pilot recovery

A massive shift in healthcare is happening. At-home care development was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team spent 8 months looking at how OptumHealth and their clients can rise to meet new, evolving needs and build tools to facilitate new modes of recovery care.

What we’re hearing about Boulevard

“This kind of application as an assistant for physical therapy will be a lot better than what they gave me. Just the papers.”

—Automotive Detailer, 32

“When looking at the phases model, I don’t feel overwhelmed at any stage.”

—Software Developer, 41

“I like that you’re able to record your symptoms because I can’t remember that on any given day.”

—Editorial Director, 66

Who we are

Well21 is a team of 5 graduate students working together with OptumHealth to better the outpatient recovery experience.
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