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Enabling a more efficient and impactful grant process for North America's largest hospitality union.


Unfolding the context...

What is UnionFund?

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UnionFund is the ultimate grants management platform for UNITE HERE. By enhancing transparency and leveraging efficient design, it fosters collective action, enabling smoother workflows.

How We Got To UnionFund

Our solution is backed by in-depth research. We applied diverse methodologies to collect both qualitative and quantitative data, which illuminated unique design opportunities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.


Who We Are

We are a team of 5 Masters students studying Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. Our team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, which strengthens us to apply each of our unique skills into the project.


Our Journey

We've been documenting our 8-month journey on Medium! Learn more about our process by reading our blog.

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