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Revolutionizing the Grant Process

Introducing UnionFund, our innovative grant management system that streamlines the entire process. It is preceded by the Interim Solution, a key initiative that laid the groundwork for this advancement.

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A reimagined grant experience that streamlines the entire workflow for all stakeholders.

WHY UnionFund?

How does it outperform the Interim Solution?

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Everything in One Place

Unlike the Interim Solution, which requires manual setup, UnionFund provides a seamless, integrated experience. It's your one-stop shop for all grant management needs.

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Flexible Automation

UnionFund strikes the ideal balance between human decision-making and automation. It takes care of mundane tasks, freeing up human experts to focus on crucial decisions.

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Strategic Planning

UnionFund's data visualization feature is customized to union's unique metrics, offering clear, insightful analyses for superior strategic planning.







We began with understanding the unique needs and challenges of UNITE HERE's current grant workflow and identifying opportunities for all stakeholders. Following the discovery, we plunged into the ideation phase where we conducted several brainstorming sessions and came up with potential solutions. After our ideas were defined, we went through a series of iterations of prototyping and testing.

Design Decisions
Mundane Tasks
Encourage Participation
Strategy & Leadership
Mundane Tasks

At UnionFund, we recognize that grant decisions require a unique blend of flexibility and human judgement. With this in mind, UnionFund has been designed to smartly automate routine tasks, freeing people up for the crucial decisions.


But, while automation handles the groundwork, we preserve the final decision-making for human insight. UnionFund is designed to assist, not control, establishing a perfect harmony between efficiency and the irreplaceable human touch. 

“It usually takes me a whole afternoon just going through my emails and compiling all the grants“

-- Confidential Admin Assistant

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Instead of manually looking for and inputting codes, now the codes can be searchable and auto-completed!

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Multiple templates catering to different use cases, send off your perfectly crafted emails instantly!


In-system reply significantly decreases the time invested in lengthy email chains, experience seamless communication like never!

Encourage Participation

UnionFund addresses the free rider problem by leveraging friction as a catalyst for improving participation. Under the current system, voting can drag on for up to two weeks, largely waiting on individual responses. UnionFund is designed to change that. By enhancing visibility and maintaining a transparent record of each member's response status, we create productive friction that motivates quicker action. Additionally, we've streamlined voting to be as simple as a button click. So with UnionFund, you get the perfect balance of friction and ease, driving efficiency like never before!

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30% of the time is spent on waiting for votes

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One-click-away buttons make voting like a breeze!

Clear visibility into each member's activity and response pattern.

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Strategy & Leadership

With heightened visibility in performance metrics, strategic planning becomes a more streamlined and informed process. On the road for campaigns? No problem! With performance reports available at your fingertips on any mobile device, evaluating campaigns and staff performance becomes an effortless, on-the-go task.


Furthermore, UnionFund boasts a Leadership Dashboard. This feature provides a clear analysis of campaigns and grant allocation across the union, further enabling informed strategic planning.

”In that campaign [canvassing operation], we had over a thousand workers who were knocking doors for months, and we didn't track them in anyway we could follow up for longer-term...“

-- Organizing Director

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Performance evaluation becomes an on-the-go experience with our mobile app!

The leadership dashboard serves as a centralized hub where data from various sources convergesLeaders can monitor campaign success, identify trends, and pinpoint potential issues as they arise.

With a simple click of a button on the dashboard, the campaign organizer gains the ability to quickly find the perfect workers to lead a campaign.


UnionFund is rooted in in-depth research...

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