Human-Centered Approach

Scaling support with The Mentoring Partnership

our research

We embarked on an exploratory journey to identify areas of opportunity for using technology to enhance TMP’s service value. We dove into internal operations while also engaging with their clientele to discern user needs and pain points.
Through our interactions and research, we uncovered recurring challenges for TMP’s small staff team, particularly in areas where technology could play a transformative role. 
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Our Design

Leveraging insights gained through our primary research, we embarked on ideation and prototyping in order to develop tailored solutions that could enhance the post-service delivery process with TMP’s clientele. We took the agile design approach and swiftly generated a range of prototypes in order to fail fast and learn fast.
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behind the work

We are a team of Human Computer Interaction practitioners! For our MHCI Capstone Project, we partnered with The Mentoring Partnership for the spring, and are continuing this collaboration into the summer.
Our Team
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