Hi, We're Team Spark.

We're 5 HCI grad students at Carnegie Mellon with backgrounds in research, engineering, cognitive science, and design. We work closely with Joe Medwid and Katelyn Duncan from the NASA Ames Research Center, and are advised by faculty Ben Tsai and Raelin Musuraca.


Lead UX Researcher

Kara is a qualitative user researcher with a background in political  journalism and consulting.


UX Designer

Anthony is a user researcher and UX designer. Prior to CMU, he studied biochemistry at UCLA.


Conceptual Design Lead

Michelle is a designer and programmer. Prior to CMU, she graduated from the University of Michigan with a BS in Cognitive Science and minors in Computer Science and French.


UX Designer

Vincent is a designer with a background in psychology and cognitive science. Prior to CMU, he worked as an behavioral therapist with children, as well as a psychology lab research assistant.


UX Designer, UX Engineer

Annie is both a designer and engineer. She graduated from CMU with a BS in Information Systems and minor in HCI. Prior to CMU, she worked as a Full-Stack Software Engineer & UX Engineer at an educational technology startup for the past 5 years.