Spark: Sharing happy moments with the loved ones furthest away.

Traveling through space gets boring. Really boring. With Spark, that monotony doesn't need to bleed into your personal relationships. Share exciting moments with your loved ones during long duration, deep space missions.

Bolsters for Relationships

To maintain relationships during deep space missions, we identified four overarching characteristics that make interactions meaningful. Sparks tackles each of these characteristics through its three core features: activities, annotations, and memories.


New experiences provide new opportunities to grow and connect.

Sensory Experiences

Hearing and seeing loved ones make for more meaningful interactions.

Shared Experiences

Bonding over a common context fosters a sense of closeness.

Small Details

Learning about the nuances of daily life makes people feel involved.

Sparking Novelty

New weekly activities to do with your far-away loved one.

Each week, Spark provides astronauts with new activities to bond over with their loved one. These activities are curated based on personal interest and each designed to foster conversation between the two users.

Sparking Conversation

Annotate messages to keep tabs on multiple conversation points.

Sparks provides a built-in messaging platform that's made for the longer, more detailed messages that's characteristic of asynchronous communication. Spark allows astronauts to annotate using text, audio, and visual, helping them keep track of and easily engage with multiple conversation points.

Sparking Reflection

Share memories to look back and smile on.

Each activity given by Spark generates a "memory" for you and your loved one to look back on together. Memories can be shared and annotated, just like any message, to foster new conversations.