Welcome to the Find My Style experience

A service that helps users translate their online style inspiration gathering into tangible styles and more actionable purchasing decisions.

Over the course of 8 months, our team worked with American Eagle Outfitters Inc. to design an omni-channel customer experience.  Our service helps users translate their online style inspiration gathering into tangible styles and make more actionable purchasing decisions.








How might we create a seamless omni-channel customer experience for AEO and Aerie?

We began by finding an underlying user need spanning both online and in-store shopping. We examined fit & feel, returns, wardrobe, and socialization, among other focus areas.

Most notably, we found that users socialize to receive validation on clothing choices. We decided to help users feel more confident in their style choices by giving users a tool to inject their personality into their style.

Final Problem Statement

How might we help teenagers find a style that makes them feel confident in their social identity?


Online Inspiration Board

Our online service helps users inject their own personality into current style trends and begin to visualize their own style.

In-Store Mobile Assistant

Users can directly pull their online inspiration gathering results and view in the store to help them make more confident style and purchasing decisions.

Who are these customers?

Gen Z has grown up in the age of an “always on” tech environment.  As consumers they:

• Constantly engaged with social media
• Embrace tech innovation
• Prioritize convenience above all else
• Less brand loyal and like diverse offerings
• Expect seamless experiences

Three key findings informed our final design.

Users are treated as two different people when going from online to in-store

Most data is collected online whereas very little data is collected in-store.  Moreover, this data is not exchanged between the two channels causing the disconnect.

Users struggle with translating passive inspiration into actionable style purchases

Users generally know what they want when they go shopping.  They rely on external visuals to translate their pre-concieved ideas into actual outfits.

While users want to fit in, they want to be the unique first finders of their personal style.

Despite the prominent use of social media polls, users aren’t trying to match their friends exactly. They want to be accepted while will maintaining their sense of self.
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