The Human-Computer Interaction Institute offers multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate educational programs that emphasize technology for the benefit of people and society.

Degree Programs

Several PhD students in the Coala Lab sit outside on Fine Arts building

Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction

Our Ph.D. Program in Human-Computer Interaction is rigorous, creative, and deeply interdisciplinary. Each year, we admit a small group of students that studies with both the founders of the field of HCI and the newest generation of top scholars.

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students complete a sketch activity during a Capstone team kickoff meeting

Master's Programs 

The HCII offers several 1-year professional master's programs, enabling HCI graduate students to advance their skills in subject areas including user-centered research, interaction design, product design, and product management. The online application, admissions window, and semester start date vary by individual program.

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an undergraduate student wears a VR headset during the annual Meeting of the Minds, an undergraduate research event

Undergraduate Human-Computer Interaction programs

Carnegie Mellon undergraduates have several opportunities to study human-computer interaction (HCI). Our B.S. in HCI, additional major, minor and concentration in HCI all emphasize the design, implementation, and evaluation of interactive computer-based services and applications.

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