Independent Study

For graduate and undergraduate students

An independent study is an enriching opportunity for students to work directly with HCII faculty for class credit or as paid research assistants as both undergraduate and graduate researchers. Students can work on a range of research projects with HCII faculty, depending on the opportunities and qualifications of each project.

To pursue an independent study, go to the correct course page, either undergraduate or graduate level, and fill out the independent study proposal form. To complete the form, students must include a detailed description of the project, including important milestones and deliverables.

Students will work with their faculty to determine the number of units or pay for each project. Students will complete a contract and prepare a tangible delivery for the undergraduate program advisor's review.

You do not need to be enrolled in an academic program with the HCII to do research with us! This opportunity is open to all students at Carnegie Mellon.

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Spring 2021 Independent Study Opportunities

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in conducting research with the Human-Computer Interaction Institute can review the list of HCII research opportunities below.

Spring 2021 Research Opportunities