Applying to the HCII Undergraduate Summer Research Program

Applications from all undergraduate majors and countries are welcome, however due to the nature of our funding, priority is given to US citizens and residents.

The application window is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for the Summer 2024 program.

Information about the application 

In order to submit the application, you will need to complete the following sections:

  • Interests - Select the 3 projects that interest you the most (see full list of research projects here)
  • Biographical Information - Fill in your information, then click the “Save Biographical Info”  button at the top of the page 
  • Education - Enter your education information, then click the “Save Education Info”  button at the top of the page. You can also upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts* in this section.  
  • Resume and Statement - We encourage you to upload these 2 items and click the “Save Resume Info”  button.
    • Resume*
    • Statement of purpose (2 pages or less) - this is an important part of your application and will be read by several people. Suggested writing prompts are available in the application. 
  • Recommenders - We encourage applicants to include 1-2 letters of recommendation* which must be submitted electronically. In order to invite someone to upload a letter of recommendation on your behalf, you will need to add their contact information. First, select “I waive”  from the Buckley Amendment dropdown menu. Then you can click the “Add recommender”  button above in order to add the contact information for your preferred recommender(s). You must also select the "Send Request"  button for an email to be sent to your recommender(s). Be sure to click the “Save Recommenders” button (at the top) before proceeding.  

* Optional but strongly encouraged. We encourage everyone to consider providing the supplementary materials, such as a resume, unofficial transcripts, and letters of recommendation, so that we can learn more about your interests. These materials should be saved as PDFs and uploaded by the deadline in order to be considered with your application. 

Application Checklist and Submitting Your Application

All sections in the left nav of the application must be completed before the application can be submitted. A green check mark will appear beside each item once the section is complete. Note that you do not have to enter supplemental information or recommenders, but you do need to waive the Buckley Amendment and save the supplemental information page to confirm you are not submitting anything there.

The application is ready to submit when there are 6 green check marks, as shown in this image. Visit the Application Status page and click the “Proceed to Submission”  button to submit your application. 

screenshot of completed menu with 6 green checkmarks