Accelerated Master of Human-Computer Interaction

The HCII offers a three-semester (12-month), 11-course Master of HCI. CMU undergraduate students interested in the master's program can be admitted to the Accelerated Master of Human-Computer Interaction. AMHCI students will be able to complete the master’s degree in as little as two semesters (8 months) after completing their undergraduate degree, instead of the usual three semesters (12 months).

In order to be eligible for consideration for the Accelerated Master of Human-Computer Interaction Program, students must:

  • be CMU undergraduates in the BS in HCI major or HCI additional major (HCI minors and HCI concentrations are not eligible)
  • have completed the following appropriate courses
    • three HCI Core courses (05-410: UCRE; 05-660: IxD for HCI *previously 05-651: IxDS1; and 05-430: PUI or 05-431: SSUI or 05-380), and
    • an elective in the 400 level or above
  • have completed the online application by the fall deadline, October 25, 2024 of their senior year


Accelerated Master's (AMHCI) Program Schedule

The first table below shows the standard timeline for a full-time MHCI student.

The second table describes how a student would move from their CMU undergraduate program, into, and through the master program in 2 additional semesters.

Standard Master of HCI (MHCI) Timeline

Standard MHCI timeline (3 semester program)

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Summer Semester

Fall (n/a)

  • 3 Core Courses
  • 1 Elective
  • Pro Seminar
  • HCI Project I
  • 4 Electives
  • HCI Project II



Accelerated Master of HCI (AMHCI) Timeline

AMHCI program timeline (undergrad + 2 semesters)

(Undergrad Senior Year)

(Undergrad Senior Year)



  • Apply to AMHCI by October 25, 2024
  • HCI Project I
  • HCI Project II
  • 4 electives
  • Pro Seminar

Undergraduate seniors in their last semester begin the accelerated master's program by taking 05-671 HCI Project I, which is the first half of the master’s-level two-semester project course. They then take 05-672 HCI Project II in the summer. They finish the program in the fall semester by taking the Pro Seminar and four electives. Students who already took courses as undergrads that would satisfy the master program electives must still complete at least four electives while a master student. No work from undergrad will count towards the masters requirements.


How to Apply to the Accelerated Master's (AMHCI) Program

The Master of Human-Computer Interaction (MHCI) program must receive your completed online application and $75 application fee no later than October 25, 2024 of your senior year. Admission decisions will be shared before the end of the fall semester.

To apply for admission to the Accelerated Master of Human-Computer Interaction program, please read the following instructions carefully and make certain that you have met all requirements when you submit your online application.

  1.  Online application form: Complete your online AMHCI application here.
  2.  Statement of purpose:
    • Your objective in pursuing the Accelerated Master of Human-Computer Interaction degree, including your career goals, and your reasons for choosing to apply to Carnegie Mellon.
    • Your background in Human-Computer Interaction or other fields relevant to your objective. Describe how your academic and professional experience prepares you for admission to the HCI program.
    • Please verify that your description here is consistent with your resume. You may want to outline the areas of Human-Computer Interaction with which you have experience or exposure.
  3. Resume: Provide a complete up-to-date resume. Order the relevant work experiences chronologically with the most recent first. Clearly distinguish part-time, co-op, or intern work from full-time positions.
  4. Transcripts: Upload official transcripts (from all undergraduate and graduate institutions that you have attended.)
  5. Recommendation and Evaluation: These will be completed online. You are required to have three total. You may have up to five. The admissions committee wants to know about your ability to do graduate-level coursework at CMU and to work in interdisciplinary teams at a professional level. You should select letter writers who can best speak to these points. Professors who interacted with you extensively in small classes are a good choice. Employers are appropriate if they can speak to your ability to work in a group at a professional level, but letters that are simply character references will not provide good support for your application.
  6. Application fee: Pay online with a credit card. If you foresee any issues or challenges with completing this payment, please reach out and email Nicole Willis, MHCI Director of Student Affairs, for support and guidance.
  7. Video Essay: Prepare a 1-2 minute video that lets the admission committee know who you are. Talk about what you like, what you do outside of work and school, how you spend your free time, your personal and professional goals, or anything that you did not already share in your Statement of Purpose. This will help the committee know you better and help us to evaluate your communication skills. The video (and audio) must be of the applicant (not a proxy). There should be only one person in the video. The video essay can be simple or more elaborate.