The generous support of individual and corporate donors is critical to our success.  From the generous Charles M. Geschke Endowed Directorship of the HCII, to the $1M anonymous gift to fund an HCII Faculty Career Development Chair, and the many generous alumni donations to name the Kiesler-Kraut Commons, collaboration and partnerships among faculty, alumni, and industry have been central to our vision of innovation and first-rate education.

We hope that you too will share our vision and help us to make it happen by giving generously to the HCII. Gifts of any size are welcome, and opportunities exist to endow a professorship, fund graduate fellowships, name first-rate facilities, or simply give what you can to inspire HCII's faculty and students. Please contact HCII Director forlizzi [at] (subject: Giving%20to%20the%20HCII) (Jodi Forlizzi) to discuss.

If you are a potential corporate sponsor and would like to give funds to support specific research initiatives, please see WORK WITH US or simply contact forlizzi [at] (subject: Giving%20to%20the%20HCII) (Jodi Forlizzi) to discuss your needs.