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HCI Courses

HCII on the CMU Schedule of Classes

For the most up to date HCI course listings, and to view a full list of our courses planned for a specific semester, reference the Carnegie Mellon University Schedule of Classes website. Once on that site, you will need to:

  • Select the desired Semester/Year in the dropdown menu,
  • Choose "Human-Computer Interaction (05-xxx)" from the “Department” list,
  • and click the “Retrieve Schedule” button.

Overview of HCI Courses

The following courses and course descriptions are for general reference purposes. HCI course availability, especially electives and special topics, varies from semester to semester.

Required HCI Courses

To view the required HCI courses for a particular program, select the corresponding checkbox below and then click the search button. Please note that these are only the required HCI courses, and not all of the required courses for these programs. Visit your academic program page for full course requirements.

Required HCI Courses Per Program
Course Number (Undergraduate) Course Number (Graduate) Course Name
n/a 05-600 HCI Pro Seminar
05-292 05-602 IDeATe: Learning in Museums
05-410 05-610 User-Centered Research and Evaluation (UCRE)
05-317 05-617 Design of AI Products and Services
05-318 05-618 Human AI Interaction
05-319 05-619 Data Visualization
05-430 05-630 Programming Usable Interfaces (PUI)
05-431 05-631 Software Structures for User Interfaces (SSUI)
05-440 05-640 Interaction Techniques
05-650 05-650 Interaction Design Studio 2
05-651 05-651 Interaction Design Studio 1
05-452 05-652 Service Design
05-360 05-660 Interaction Design Fundamentals
05-361 05-661 Advanced Interaction Design
05-470 05-670 Digital Service Innovation
n/a 05-671 HCI Project I
n/a 05-672 HCI Project II
n/a 05-681 METALS Project I
n/a 05-682 METALS Project II
05-380 05-685 Prototyping Algorithmic Experiences (PAX)
n/a 05-688 Small Group Study in HCI - Graduate
n/a 05-689 Independent Study in HCI - Graduate
05-291 05-691 Learning Media Design
05-392 05-692 Interaction Design Overview
n/a 05-738 Evidence-Based Educational Design
n/a 05-748 Research Methods for the Learning Sciences
n/a 05-771 HCI Process and Theory
n/a 05-772 Social Perspectives in HCI
n/a 05-773 Computer Science Perspectives in HCI
n/a 05-774 Design Perspectives in HCI
n/a 05-775 Cognitive Perspectives in HCI
05-395 05-795 Applications of Cognitive Science
n/a 05-810 Designing Online Communities
n/a 05-811 Cognitive Modeling for HCI
05-413 05-813 Human Factors
n/a 05-814 Perception
n/a 05-816 Applied Research Methods
05-418 05-818 Design of Educational Games
05-320 05-820 Social Web: Content, Communities, and Context
n/a 05-821 Applied Research Methods — Qualitative
n/a 05-822 Applied Research Methods — Quantitative
n/a 05-823 E-Learning Design Principles
n/a 05-830 Advanced Topics UI Software
05-432 05-832 Personalized Online Learning
05-333 05-833 Applied Gadgets, Sensors and Activity Recognition in HCI
05-434 05-834 Applied Machine Learning
05-435 05-835 Applied Fabrication Techniques for HCI
05-436 05-836 Usable Privacy and Security
05-437 05-837 Ubiquitous Computing
05-438 05-838 The Role of Technology in Learning in the 21st Century
n/a 05-839 Interactive Data Science
n/a 05-840 Tools for Online Learning
n/a 05-851 Introduction to Product Design
n/a 05-863 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction for Technology Executives
05-540 05-872 Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems
n/a 05-873 HCI Project Workshop
n/a 05-888 Practicum in HCI
n/a 05-889 Directed Research
05-391 05-891 Designing Human-Centered Software
n/a 05-897 Designing for Conversation: Theories, Models, and Making
05-898 Data Science for Product Management: Making Products Count
05-898 HCI for Product Managers
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Ubiquitous Personal Smart Agents
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Design of Large-scale Peer Learning Systems
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Psychological Foundations for Designing for Impact in HCI
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Interactive Extended Reality
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Visualization in HCI
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Justice Through Design
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Persuasive Design in HCI
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Learning Analytics and Educational Data Science
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Accessibility: A Guide to Building Future User Interfaces
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Sustainable Design: Materials, Artifacts and Computational Tools
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, & Ethics (FATE) in Sociotechnical Systems
05-899 Special Topics: Document Design
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Computing for Good (C4G)
05-899 Special Topics: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Technology
05-899 Special Topics: Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
05-499 05-899 Specials Topics: Morphing Materials: From Programmable To Learning Matter
05-499 05-899 Special Topics: Social Data Science
05-499 A 05-899 A Special Topics: Celebrating Accessibility
05-499 B 05-899 B Special Topics: Augmenting Intelligence
05-499 D 05-899 D Special Topics: Building Technologies for the Resistance
05-499 E 05-899 E Special Topics: Social Agents
05-499 F 05-899 F Special Topics: Transformational Game Design Studio
n/a 05-997 Reading and Research in HCI
05-571 n/a Undergraduate Project in HCI
05-589 n/a Independent Study in HCI - Undergraduate
05-588 n/a Small Group Study in HCI - Undergraduate