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  • a standard microwave is augmented with additional sensors for this project

    Software-Defined Cooking Using a Microwave Oven

    Despite widespread popularity, today's microwave ovens are limited in their cooking capabilities, given that they heat food blindly, resul...

  • collage of MHCI student portfolio web pages, entire image has a purple overlay

    10 amazing portfolios from Carnegie Mellon students

    This post is from the Webflow blog: "We picked our favorite design portfolios from Carnegie Mellon students, made in their classroom, wit...

  • Put Children In The Driving Seat Of Their Own Learning For Better Results

    Children learn better when they are more active in lessons and have more control over their learning, says a new study.

  • 2 side by side images: 1 flat noodle before boil + the same noodle in a spiral shape after boiling

    Want to eat more sustainably? Try flat-pack pasta

    Flat packed noodles that form iconic pasta shapes when cooked could lead to more sustainable packaging, transportation, and storage. ...

  • Pittsburgh researchers can’t stop tech giants or hackers from using your data. But they can try to protect your identity

    Questions about the future of the multi-billion smart technology industry that tracks what we are doing are more than theoretical in Pitts...

  • Nesra sits at a NoRILLA table and reaches for a tower of blocks

    NoRILLA: AI Gorilla Brings STEM to Life at the Children's Museum of Atlanta

    There’s something new rumbling and tumbling at CMA! If you’ve visited the museum lately you’ve seen children building towers and other str...

  • a smart speaker hears water running nearby and displays this on laptop screen

    FIG Lab Receives 4 Innovation by Design Awards

      Four projects from the HCII's Future Interfaces Group (FIG Lab) were honored by Fast Company's 2020 Innovation by Design Awards. ...

  • Mayank Goel

    Goel Receives 2019 Google Faculty Research Award

    Mayank Goel, assistant professor with the School of Computer Science's HCII and ISR, recently received a 2019 Human-Computer Interaction G...

  • collage of the 12 new AAAS Leshner Public Engagement Fellows for 2020

    Rose, Zimmerman Named AAAS Leshner Public Engagement Fellows

      The 2020-21 Fellows are ready to discuss how AI affects our work, decision-making and well-being The American Association for the...

  • Sharing accounts in the workplace is a mess

    Last year, a team of CyLab researchers explored the account-sharing behaviors of romantic couples and found that some of their practices c...

  • Forlizzi and Winzer headshots, side by side

    Forlizzi To Receive Honorary Doctorate from TU/e

    During the forthcoming MomenTUm, Eindhoven University of Technology will take the exceptional step of awarding two honorary doctorates - ...

  • Carnegie Mellon University stone sign in the foreground, people walking up steps in the background

    Carnegie Mellon to Release Digital Learning Software Tools as Open-Source

    In an unusual move intended to shake up how college teaching is done around the world, Carnegie Mellon University today announced that it ...

  • WGU and CMU Partner to Develop AI-Enabled Career Guidance Technology

    National Science Foundation awards universities $700,000 grant to kick off 3-year research project

  • screencapture of the Wick Editor interface

    Student-Created Online Tool Wins $79K Grant from Mozilla

    Wick Editor, a free and open-source tool for creating games, animation and interactive media, is the winner of a $79,120 grant from the Mo...

  • looking of the left side of a plane in flight, view of the left wing flying over snowcapped mountains

    Zhang and Yao earn MFI award for 4D printing

  • charts within the Sonify application as pictured on an iPhone screen in landscape position

    Prototyping Next-Generation Accessibility Tools with Bloomberg

    Over the last two years, Bloomberg’s UX team has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University Master of Human-Computer Interaction program an...

  • SXSW 2019 panelpicker image

    Vote CMU in SXSW PanelPicker

    Each year, #CMUatSXSW shows Austin and the world how the work happening at Carnegie Mellon University is shaping the future.

  • 3D printed bow device for cello

    Jennifer Mankoff Discusses 3D Printing With Forbes

    3D printing has been quietly moving towards a radical revolution over the past several years. While it has already exceeded 5.1 billion, i...

  • Yannier with NoRILLA

    Nesra Yannier Talks Earthshake to 90.5 WESA

    What does a gorilla, toppling towers and a postdoctoral fellow from Carnegie Mellon University have in common? They are all part of the mi...

  • Lines of code

    Hong Shares 3 Ways to Check Data Privacy on MSN Money

    There's no such thing as a free lunch or a free service that bundles subscriptions, as was recently reaffirmed by Unroll.Me's media covera...