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Tools for Online Learning

Course Information

Course Number

HCI Undergraduate: n/a
HCI Graduate: 05-840

Program Requirement

This is a required course for

Course Description

This course will cover a variety of learning science principles and how they apply to tools used for online learning, hence the name! We will examine what it means to make a “good” tool for learning, why it is hard, and how you can create and prototype them. The bulk of this class centers around three learning mechanics: feedback and active learning, collaboration between learners, and data-driven improvement. Using these mechanics as specific case studies, the class will teach students how to think about, build, and study tools for online learning both for formal, classroom education, and informal learning. While we cover learning science principles, the focus of this course will be on the application of those principles as they are used in a variety of learning tools. The ultimate goal of this course is to give you hands-on experience working with a variety of tools, and through doing so, learning how to better design, improve, and utilize them for all types of learners.

Course Goals

  • Classify and analyze tools utilized in learning engineering
  • Develop proficiency in creating tools for data collection and analysis, both existing and new
  • Identify and select appropriate tools that enhance learners' ability to meet their desired outcomes
  • Analyze the technical aspects and learning processes involved in designing online tools
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of online learning tools
  • Utilize a range of commonly-used digital learning tools in industry practice

Note, each OLI module corresponds to a unique topic, which will also have their own set of learning objectives.

Semester Offered and Units

Semester: Spring
Graduate: 12 units