Monsters of Appalachia is a game designed by the Center for Transformational Play at Carnegie Mellon University. It is a role-playing game designed to help people learn how to build better local movements for reform and change. During the game, players will take on a character in a fantastical world, and find a way to solve problems together with others. 

In the hills of Appalachia, once a year, the “Cryptids” (mythical creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster) of North America meet to settle differences, discuss problems, and make new friends. This year, the urgent problem they all face is organized Human encroachment on their habitats, but no one can agree how to solve it. The Mothpeople want to destroy the power stations and create a world of permanent night; the Loveland Frogs want to turn America into a swamp. The Bigfeet want to go talk to the Humans directly. Can they settle their differences and help each other survive?