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  • An illustration of a search engine window, including a search bar with a magnifying glass in it, and the results below represented by boxes in various colors.

    New Search Engine Tool Helps Users Make Sense of Unfamiliar Topics

    An unstructured search for online information about new topics or products can be daunting.

  • Niki Kittur

    Kittur is GeekWire Podcast Guest

    AI, the brain, and the crowd: Research explores new ways for humans and tech to work togetherTodd Bishop, co-founder of GeekWire, recently...

  • A deep pink box shows the outline of a robot's head with a dialogue box above it, while a lighter pink box contains a drawing of two people talking with a question mark above their heads.

    People With Autism Turn to ChatGPT for Advice on Workplace Issues

  • A drawing of a smiling robot with open arms wearing a sign that says "Caution, pedestrian cross" set against a real background of an urban crosswalk pedestrians and a dog are trying to use.

    Robots Could Clear Snow, Assist at Crosswalks, Monitor Sidewalks for Traffic

Latest Projects

  • illustration of NaNcy the Silky Anteater, the NaNoFuzz mascot

    Accelerated Software Testing

    The United States spends more than $48 billion/year on software testing, and many powerful testing tools have significant usability barriers that limit th...

  • VR scene with some brightly colored underwater plants, text in the center reads "Echo of the Abyss"

    Echo of the Abyss

    Echo of the Abyss is a Virtual Reality (VR) experience that uses animal guides and immersive environments to cultivate a sense of kinship towards marine l...

  • Soundify assists users in matching sound effects (in bold) and ambients (in italics) to video, and helps dynamically adjust panning and volume by localizing "sound emitters".


    In the art of video editing, sound is really half the story. Through formative interviews with professional editors (N=10), we found that the manual task ...

  • screenshot of the Jigsaw prototyping system

    Jigsaw: Supporting Designers to Prototype Multimodal Applications by Assembling AI Foundation Models

    Recent advancements in AI foundation models have made it possible for them to be utilized off-the-shelf for creative tasks, including ideating design conc...