MHCI Sample Study Plans

For Full-Time and Part-Time Students

Here are sample plans for both a full-time student and part-time study. The MHCI degree is designed to be earned in one year, August through August, in three semesters of study. There are no remote or online programs or schedules available.

Full-Time Study

Here is a sample full-time schedule:

Fall Spring Summer
05-600 HCI Pro Seminar 05-671 HCI Project I 05-672 HCI Project II
05-610 User-Centered Research & Evaluation 05-650 Interaction Design Studio 2 Optional Elective
Elective 1 Elective 2  
05-651 Interaction Design Studio 1 Elective 3  
05-630 Programming User Interfaces (PUI) Elective 4  


Part-Time Study

Domestic students have the option to complete the program on a part-time basis. By exercising this option, you will be able to tailor completion of the coursework to suit your needs. You will work with an adviser to set up an appropriate plan of study. Ideally students should be able to complete the degree within a period of two years by taking two courses per semester, including summers. During the summer HCI Project II course, students are expected to be enrolled as full-time students, and should make the appropriate arrangements with their employers for leave. Part-time students must also be aware that all HCI core courses are held during the day, so it is not possible to complete the degree as a night student.

The following is a sample part-time plan of study that keeps in mind required course sequences:

First Fall First Spring First Summer
05-651 Interaction Design Studio 1 (counting as Elective 1) or
Elective 1
05-650 Interaction Design Studio 2 Elective 3
05-630 PUI Elective 2 Elective 4
Second Fall Second Spring Second Summer
05-600 HCI Pro Seminar 05-671 HCI Project I 05-672 HCI Project II*
05-610 User-Centered Research & Evaluation    

*Part-time students are required to be full-time when taking 05-672 HCI Project II