Outgoing Ph.D. Students 2023-2024


Nur Yildirim


Advisor/s: John Zimmerman, James McCann

Research Area: Human-AI Interaction, Design Research, Human-Computer Interaction

Dissertation Topic: Discovering the Right Things to Design with Artificial Intelligence

Employment Preference: Academia - Research, Corporate/Industry - Research


Outgoing Ph.D. Students 2022-2023

Huy Anh Nguyen


Advisor/s: Bruce M. McLaren, John Stamper

Research Area: Educational Games, Computer and Education, Data Science Education, Computational Social Science

Dissertation Topic: Addressing the Gender Gap in Middle School Math Education through Digital Learning Games

Employment Preference: Academia - Research, Corporate/Industry - Research


Michael Xieyang Liu


Advisor/s: Brad Myers, Niki Kittur

Research Area: Developer Tools, Sensemaking, Intelligent User Interfaces, Human-AI Interaction

Dissertation Topic: Tool Support for Knowledge Foraging, Structuring, and Transfer During Online Sensemaking

Employment Preference: Corporate/Industry - Research. Corporate/Industry - Development


Samantha Reig


Advisor/s: Jodi Forlizzi, Aaron Steinfeld

Research Area: Human-Robot Interaction, Human-Agent Interaction, Research-Through-Design, Service Design

Dissertation Topic: Characterizing Agent Identities as Mediators Among Individuals, Embodiments, and Services

Employment Preference: Academia - Research, Academia - Teaching, Corporate/Industry - Research


Tianshi Li


Advisor/s: Jason Hong

Research Area: HCI, Privacy, Software Engineering

Dissertation Topic: Privacy-Enhancing Development Environment

Employment Preference: Academia - Research, Corporate/Industry - Research