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CMU, Yixue Education Inc. Announce AI Research Project in Adaptive K-12 Education


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Yixue Education Inc. and Carnegie Mellon University have announced a new multiyear partnership highlighted by a comprehensive artificial intelligence research lab.

The CMU-Squirrel AI Research Lab on Personalized Education at Scale will develop new ways for AI, machine learning, cognitive science and human computer interface technologies to improve the adaptive learning experiences of K–12 students around the world.

Yixue has used the Squirrel AI Learning brand to launch more than 1,900 learning centers in more than 300 cities across China, offering AI-driven adaptive tutoring services in a blended classroom learning model. In these after-school centers, Yixue offers an advanced adaptive learning system and personalized content in multiple subjects, with the options of in-person and online tutor support.

In many parts of China, personalized learning is out of reach for most students, and qualified teachers are in short supply for tutoring services.

"The CMU-Squirrel AI Research Lab on Personalized Education at Scale provides unique new opportunities for CMU faculty and students to partner with Yixue and its scientists and engineers to extend the frontiers of adaptive learning theories, technologies and practices," said Tom Mitchell, interim dean of CMU's School of Computer Science.  The new research lab will be directed at CMU by Mitchell and Ken Koedinger, the Hillman Professor of Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction.

"This partnership is a clear demonstration, in the tradition of CMU, of how advanced scientific research, combined with industry perspectives, can advance the education industry and have a global social impact," Mitchell added. "The long-term commitment to this new partnership is a testament to our shared desire to advance AI and machine learning for personalized education."

"We're thrilled to be partnering with the exceptional faculty and students at Carnegie Mellon, which has established itself as the leading institution for artificial intelligence, machine learning and adaptive learning technologies," said Derek Haoyang Li, chairman, Yixue Education Inc. "By building upon CMU's proven record of research and development in the science of learning, we will be able to expand the frontier of adaptive learning theories and practices to improve student engagement, efficiency and learning outcomes for all kids around the world."


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