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Gizmodo Highlights Skin Button Technology in Best of 2014 List

In the Media

Skin Buttons

Gizmodo has named Skin Buttons one of the "Seven Most Important UI and UX Ideas of 2014."  The technology — developed by Ph.D. students Gierad Laput, Robert Xiao and Xiang ‘Anthony’ Chen, who are advised by Assistant Professor Chris Harrison and Professor Scott Hudson — uses tiny laser projectors integrated into a smartwatch to render icons onto the user’s skin.

"Designed in response to the conundrum of the smartwatch — how to control a complex, very small screen UI with our fat fingers? — the interface projects light beads onto the skin of the wrist when needed, acting as a secondary interface when a tiny screen just won't do," the site noted.

Skin Buttons found themselves in good company, with things like Google's Material Design standard and MIT's THAW technology for using a smartphone to control a display also making the cut. To see what's on the list, read the article here.