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HCII @ CHI 2017

The Human-Computer Interaction Institute heads to Denver, Colo. for the 2017 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). This conference is always a welcome opportunity to reconnect with fellow researchers and friends as well as graduates of our program. This year, the HCII has 26 accepted papers including seven Honorable Mention Awards and two Best Paper Awards.

Professors Brad Myers and Scott Hudson will each be honored with a Lifetime Achievement award. Myers for his prolific research will receive the Lifetime Achievement in Research Award and Hudson for his dedication to the field will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement in Service Award. We are also proud to announce that HCII Ph.D. graduate Jacob Wobbrock, is being honored with the CHI Social Impact Award for his admirable advances in accessibility research. Finally, a team of Master of Human-Computer Interaction students heads to CHI to present their product, Robin, in the CHI Student Design Competition, where they are one of 12 teams selected to compete. Scroll down for more information about our research at CHI 2017.

Paper Title Authors

[[{"fid":"3167","view_mode":"preview","type":"media","link_text":null,"fields":{},"attributes":{"alt":"Best Paper","class":"panopoly-image-thumbnail media-element file-preview"}}]]Design and Evaluation of a Data-Driven Password Meter

Blase Ur, Felicia Alfieri, Maung Aung, Lujo Bauer, Nicolas Christin, Jessica Colnago, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Henry Dixon, Pardis Emami Naeini, Hana Habib, Noah Johnson, William Melicher
[[{"fid":"3167","view_mode":"preview","type":"media","link_text":null,"fields":{},"attributes":{"alt":"Best Paper","class":"panopoly-image-thumbnail media-element file-preview"}}]]Flash Organizations: Crowdsourcing Complex Work by Structuring Crowds As Organizations Melissa A Valentine, Daniela Retelny, Alexandra To, Negar Rahmati, Tulsee Doshi, Michael S Bernstein
[[{"fid":"3165","view_mode":"preview","type":"media","link_text":null,"fields":{},"attributes":{"alt":"Honorable Mention","class":"panopoly-image-thumbnail media-element file-preview"}}]]Thumprint: Socially-Inclusive Local Group Authentication Through Shared Secret Knocks Yang Zhang, Gierad Laput, Chris Harrison
[[{"fid":"3165","view_mode":"preview","type":"media","link_text":null,"fields":{},"attributes":{"alt":"Honorable Mention","class":"panopoly-image-thumbnail media-element file-preview"}}]]Quantifying Aversion to Costly Typing Errors in Expert Mobile Text Entry Nikola Banovic, Varun Muralidhar Rao, ABINAYA SARAVANAN, Anind Dey, Jennifer Mankoff
[[{"fid":"3165","view_mode":"preview","type":"media","link_text":null,"fields":{},"attributes":{"alt":"Honorable Mention","class":"panopoly-image-thumbnail media-element file-preview"}}]]Is Difficulty Overrated? The Effects of Choice, Novelty and Suspense on Intrinsic Motivation in Educational Games Derek Lomas, Kenneth Koedinger, Nirmal Patel, Sharan Shodhan, Nikhil Poonwala, Jodi L Forlizzi
[[{"fid":"3165","view_mode":"preview","type":"media","link_text":null,"fields":{},"attributes":{"alt":"Honorable Mention","class":"panopoly-image-thumbnail media-element file-preview"}}]]Variolite: Supporting Exploratory Programming by Data Scientists Mary Beth Kery, Amber Imogen Horvath, Brad Myers
[[{"fid":"3165","view_mode":"preview","type":"media","link_text":null,"fields":{},"attributes":{"alt":"Honorable Mention","class":"panopoly-image-thumbnail media-element file-preview"}}]]SUGILITE: Creating Multimodal Smartphone Automation
by Demonstration
Toby Jia-Jun Li, Amos Azaria, Brad A Myers
Be Me, or Be Mii? A study of self-presentation and interaction in the Mititomo Mobile Application Anna Kasunic, Geoff Kaufman
Synthetic Sensors: Towards General-Purpose Sensing Gierad Laput, Yang Zhang, Chris Harrison
Deus EM Machina: On-Touch Contextual Functionality for Smart IoT Appliances Robert Xiao, Gierad Laput, Yang Zhang, Chris Harrison
Electrick: Low-Cost Touch Sensing Using Electric Field Tomography Yang Zhang, Gierad Laput, Chris Harrison
Façade: Making Appliances More Accessible with Overlaid 3D Printed Tactile Buttons Anhong Guo, Jeeeun Kim, Xiang 'Anthony' Chen, Tom Yeh, Scott E. Hudson, Jennifer Mankof
Understanding Volunteer AT Fabricators: Opportunities and Challenges in DIY-AT for Others in e-NABLE Jeremiah L Parry-Hill, Patrick C Shih, Jennifer Mankoff, Daniel Ashbrook
Stretching the Bounds of 3D Printing with Embedded Textiles Michael L Rivera, Melissa Moukperian, Daniel Ashbrook, Jennifer Mankoff, Scott E Hudson
Leveraging Human Routine Models to Detect and Generate Human Behaviors Nikola Banovic, Anqi Wang, Yanfeng Jin, Christie Chang, Julian Ramos, Anind Dey, Jennifer Mankoff
UX Design Innovation: Some Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as Design Material Graham Dove, Jodi L Forlizzi, Kim Halskov, John Zimmerman  
Robots in Group Context: Rethinking Design, Development and Deployment- Malte Jung, Matt Beane, Jodi Forlizzi, Robin Murphy, Janet Vertesi
Leveraging Complementary Contributions of Different Workers for Efficient Crowdsourcing of Video Captions Yun Huang     Yifeng Huang     Na Xue     Jeffrey Bigham
Design for Rituals of Letting Go: An Embodiment Perspective on Disposal Practices Informed by Grief Therapy- Corina Sas     Steve Whittaker     John Zimmerman
Improv: An Input Framework for Improvising Cross-Device Interaction By Demonstration- Xiang 'Anthony' Chen     Yang Li
Adding Physical Objects to an Interactive Game Improves Learning and Enjoyment: Evidence from EarthShake- Nesra Yannier     Scott Hudson     Eliane Stampfer Wiese     Kenneth Koedinger   
Better Organization or a Source of Distraction? Introducing Digital Peer Feedback to a Paper-Based Classroom Amy Shannon     Alex Sciuto     Danielle Hu     Steven P Dow     Jessica Hammer
Conflict in Comments: Learning but Lowering Perceptions with Limits W. Ben Towne, Carolyn P. Rose, James D. Hersleb
Subcontracting Microwork Meredith Ringel Morris, Jeffrey Bigham, Robin Brewer, Jonathan Bragg, Anand P Kulkarni, Jessie Li, Saiph Savage
People with Visual Impairment Training Personal Object Recognizers: Feasibility and Challenges Hernisa Kacorri, Kris M Kitani, Jeffrey P Bigham, Chieko Asakawa
Commitment of Newcomers and Old-timers to Online Health Support Communities Diyi Yang, Robert E Kraut, John M Levine

For more information about the HCII at CHI 2017, visit the CHI program.